Meet Alex

Meet Alex, one of the much-loved Sales and Installation Consultants at Orange Electrical.

As a licensed and qualified electrician with ten years experience, you won’t find Alex reading off a pamphlet. He brings extensive knowledge on all things solar, air conditioning and electrical works to every job.

It's no wonder Alex is a favourite among Orange Electrical customers. His goal is to find the best, most efficient and cost effective solution for each unique customer.

‘There’s no magic product that’s suitable for everyone,’ Alex says. ‘All our customers have very different lifestyles and needs. My goal is to get the best product or system for them, so they only need to get the job done once.’

Alex joined the Orange Electrical team as an apprentice in 2013, starting with refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics and electrical.

Later, he became interested in solar products and batteries. This was his focus for four years before moving into his current role.

While sales was an unexpected career turn, Alex enjoys creating long term value and efficiency for customers.

‘We’re in it for the long run,’ he says. ‘Customers get products designed for the Australian climate. We take our time to get to know the customer’s needs, lifestyle and goals to come up with a tailored plan.’

When asked what he enjoys most about working for Orange Electrical, Alex says, without hesitation, ‘the team’.

‘We’re always looking for ways to improve our offering and the performance outcomes for our customers.’

‘You can see it in the products we offer, the service we provide, the staff. We’re all proud to work here.’

If you're looking for sound advice on solar, air conditioning or electrical works, call Orange Electrical and ask for Alex.
Alex Novotny from Orange Electrical Works and Solahart Central Tablelands. Alex is our product expert and is a fully qualified electrician based in Orange NSW.
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