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Fujitsu Authorised Partner and Service Agent Since 2000

As custodians of Orange Electrical’s century-strong reputation, we only partner with brands we know and trust. We are proud to be an Authorised Fujitsu Dealer, an air conditioning brand with years of technological expertise. We resonate with Fujitsu's service excellence and commitment to innovation. Perfect for our winter climate, Fujitsu’s products offer unbeatable performance and longevity.
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Fujitsi ducted air conditioning system installed in home

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems

As your local air conditioning experts, we know how important it is to choose reputable brands that last. Fujitsu is well-known as Australia’s Favourite Air®, and in our experience, it is a fantastic, reliable product.

Fujitsu's range of indoor air conditioning units include varied designs and capacity ranges. There's a system to suit most needs, including wall mounted units or ducted. Outdoor units provide optimal comfort, high efficiency and reliability, too.

When it comes to service, our expert tradespeople care enough to listen when considering the best system for your home or business. We know all the various sizing, low noise and space-defying options that can benefit you.
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Commercial Air Conditioner Installation and Servicing

Our range of commercial air conditioning services includes installation, repair and maintenance. As registered agents for Fujitsu air conditioners, our solutions focus on Fujitsu's innovative products and A/C technology.
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Light commercial air conditioning system by Fujitsu installed in ceiling

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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

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Will the air conditioner handle the winter climate?

Air conditioning systems in the past wouldn’t produce enough heat when it dropped below four degrees outside. Now we have a product that works down to minus 15 degrees, within that bracket.

Do you service old air conditioning systems?

Yes, however, if it is too old to service it effectively, we may recommend getting a better system.

My old air conditioner is broken. Is it worth fixing?

We will inspect it to be sure. Some are too old to get parts for or are otherwise not viable to fix. We only recommend replacement if the cost to fix it would be more than the cost to replace it. The running costs over time are also factored into this advice as the new systems we install are very efficient.

What kind of air conditioner do I need?

There is a wide variety of air conditioners available which ensures there are suitable air conditioners for almost every home/building. 

It is important to have a correctly specified air conditioner to ensure it performs adequately in all seasons, whilst also being efficient on power used. 

We'll assess the space and your needs before recommending a specific air conditioner. Please get in touch with our office for more information.

How much will a Fujitsu air conditioner cost?

The Fujitsu range is very broad to ensure there is a solution for almost every scenario. 

Before providing a quote for a new fully-installed Fujitsu air conditioning system, we will consult with you and inspect your property to ensure we recommend the correct system that will meet your heating and cooling needs.

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