Air Conditioner Installation in Orange and the Central Tablelands

Installer of Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Orange Electrical Works provides a complete service including sale and installation of air conditioning systems. 

We're your local Fujitsu Air Conditioning  Authorised Partner and employ a full-trained team of local staff, ensuring we are the trusted experts in air conditioning in Orange. 

As an industry leader, Fujitsu continues to innovate and improve it's products meaning you're getting leading technology for both performance and efficiency. With a Fujitsu system, you can be confident it will keep you comfortable, be it heating through winter or cooling in summer. 
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Free On-Site Air-Conditioning Assessment

The first step of a successful air conditioning installation is a thorough site inspection. 

This ensures we're installing the most suitable air conditioning system, one that is tailored to your property and properly matched to your heating and cooling needs.

This is a FREE service we offer. 
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Installer of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioning systems are a popular choice for homes and commercial properties. 

A Fujitsu ducted air conditioning system can be configured to suit your property ensuring comfort and temperature control across the entire property.

We'll assess your home or property and configure a ducted system that meets your heating and cooling needs, including tailoring the zones to suit the level of control you need.
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Fujitsi ducted air conditioning system installed in home
Couple enjoying Fujitsu air conditioning in their lounge room

Installer of Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

We install wall-mounted Fujitsu air conditioning systems on houses and local businesses. They are installed in various scenarios, most commonly when the area to be covered is small.

A wall-mounted system can also be called a split-system air conditioner. It consists of two components, one installed inside on the wall, the other outside - connected to one another by insulated piping. 
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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Servicing

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How long will it take to install a new air conditioning system?

The time taken to install a new air conditioning system varies based on what type of system and factors such as the property construction and size.

A wall mounted system will typically be installed in ??? hours.

A ducted air conditioning system installation will be completed in ??? days 

What is a ducted air conditioning system?

A ducted air conditioning system consists of a central unit, located outside the home or building, and ducting to the rooms. 

The ducting is usually concealed in the ceiling and vents are normally mounted strategically in the ceiling.

Ducted systems can be split into zones to allow greater control over temperature. New systems can be controlled from a smart phone app or from a wall mounted control panel. 

What is a wall-mounted air conditioning system?

A wall-mounted system can also be called a split-system air conditioner. It consists of two components, one installed inside on the wall, the other outside - connected to one another by insulated piping.

Fujitsu manufacturers a range of wall-mounted air conditioning systems to suit different sized spaces.

Is Fujitsu a trusted brand? 

Yes! Fujitsu is a trusted branded. Fujitsu has been voted Australia's Most Trusted Air Conditioning Brand - five years in a  row.

Fujitsu is commited to quality and innovation. Fujitsu is also commited to customer service and satisfaction. 

Orange Electrical Works has worked with Fujitsu for more than 20 years now. 

Our own values and commitment to customer service align perfectly with Fujitsu which has made for many happy customers in Orange and the Central Tablelands.  

Do you install commercial air conditioning system?

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