Heat Pumps for Orange, NSW

Unfortunately, not every local household is able to go solar. Fortunately, we're still able to provide every household with an energy-efficient alternative to an electric water heater.

Solahart has designed and built the Atmos-Frost heat pump. This frost-tolerant heat pump is designed to operate in cold climates, meaning it is ideal for handling our harsh winters.

Orange Electrical Works is proud to be your local Solahart dealer, servicing Orange, Bathurst, Mudgee, Lithgow, Cowra and the Central Tablelands.

Heat Pumps: 
An energy-efficient alternative to an electric water heater

Solahart Atmos Heat Pumps have proven to be a smart choice for Australians who may not be able to go solar but are looking for an energy-efficient alternative to an electric water heater.

In 2021, Solahart released it newest heat pump, the Solahart Atmos Frost heat pump.

The Atmos-Frost heat pump is frost-tolerant and sufficiently capable to be installed almost anywhere. It is suitable for harsh water conditions and cold climates making it the heat pump of choice for locals here in Orange.
Solahart Atmos Frost heat pump hot water heater available from Orange Electrical Works - front

Atmos-Frost Heat Pump

Atmos-Frost uses the heat energy in the surrounding air, not direct solar radiation, to heat water. It’s a reliable, efficient way to reduce purchased energy for water heating and cut greenhouse emissions without the need for solar collectors.
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Atmos-Frost Heat Pump: The Smart Way To Create Hot Water Out Of Thin Air

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps

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What size household is the Atmos-Frost Heat Pump suitable for?

The Atmos-Frost Heat Pump is suitable for households of 2-5 people in moderate climates.

We can provide an estimate specific to your requirements as part of our free in-home assessment

What is the water tank volume of the Atmos-Frost Heat Pump?

The Atmos-Frost Heat Pump has a water tank volume of 270 litres.

It has a boost capacity of 195 litres.

How much space does the Atmos-Frost Heat Pump take up?

The Atmos-Frost Heat Pump by Solahart is 1,825 mm high, 730 mm wide and 760 mm deep. (1.825 metres x .73m x .76m)

Is the Solahart Atmos-Frost Heat Pump suitable for cold climates and/or frost conditions like we get in Orange?

Yes, the Atmos-Frost Heat Pump is designed to perform in colder climates and frost conditions such as ours here in Orange and the Central Tablelands.

Designed to work in all Australian climates, it comes with a boost mode to ensure you always have hot water in very cold conditions, and a de-icing function to improve performance in frost conditions.

What is the price of an Atmos-Frost heat pump?

We'll provide a fully installed price as part of our in-home solar assessment. 

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