Solar Hot Water Systems

With the abundance of sunshine we have, it makes sense to get hot water free from the sun! Installing a Solahart solar hot water system means you can enjoy significant savings on your energy use while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

As your local Solahart dealer, we have access to the full range of Solahart solar hot water systems, including the range of hot water heaters built to operate efficiently in frost-prone areas like ours.

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Roof-Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Our most popular solar hot water system is the iconic Solahart roof-mounted model. The roof-mounted solar hot water system features both the tank and the solar collectors being mounted on your roof. 

These systems are renowned for their longevity and consistent performance. 

Thanks to our winter frosts in Orange and the Central Tablelands, the most popular model we install is the Solahart SP Series. The SP Series features a frost protected system, having been designed and built to withstand harsh winter climates in rural and alpine areas. 
Solahart SP series solar hot water heater available from Orange Electrical Works
Solahart split solar hot water system featuring roof mounted solar collectors and ground mounted tank available from Orange Electrical Works

Split System Solar Hot Water Systems

Our Solahart split system solar hot water systems feature the water tank mounted at ground level and the solar collectors mounted on the roof. This minimises the visual impact of choosing solar hot water and is an increasingly popular option.

Our range of split system solar hot water heaters are available in multiple sizes providing excellent flexibility for local families. 

They also feature anti-frost technology to ensure ongoing performance, even during winter frosts.

Solar-Smart Electric Water Heaters

The PowerStore takes excess energy from your solar power system and uses it to gradually heat water, rather than allowing it to be fed back into the grid. Like a battery, it stores energy - but it’s more affordable.

We can install a PowerStore with a new solar power system or add to an existing compatible solar power system. The tank sits at ground level, similar to a traditional electric hot water heater. 
Solahart Powerstore displayed on modern house

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