Commercial Solar Power for Orange

Orange Electrical is the local Solahart dealer for Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow and Central Tablelands
Orange Electrical Works is experienced in providing trusted solar power installation, advice, maintenance and servicing to commercial businesses.

Solar for business

 A solar power system is an effective investment for many businesses. Some of the key benefits of solar power for businesses include:
1. Reducing expenditure on electricity bills
2. Reducing your carbon emissions
3. Improving your environmental credentials
4. Reducing risk of rising energy prices

The first step in switching to solar is assessing your solar requirements. We take care of that step for you.

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Commercial solar panels

Our new high-performance Solahart SunCell-Plus panel is not only great value, but is also custom designed and built to Solahart’s strict specifications. They're exclusively available to us as a Solahart dealer.

With a high efficiency of 20.7%, proven durability and easy-to-handle design, Solahart SunCell-Plus is the ideal solution for commercial installations. Ultimate confidence and peace of mind is delivered by Solahart's 12-Year Australian product warranty and 25-Year Australian performance warranty. 
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Reduce your emissions and save money

With the race to net zero fully underway, going solar is a logical yet simple way for most businesses to reduce emissions and your carbon footprint. The bonus is your business can also reap the financial returns available from investing in solar power. Our commercial solar power assessments provide a detailed estimate of future emission reductions and potential savings.

In addition to the financial and environmental benefits solar can provide, your reputation will also benefit from being a responsible and environmentally conscious corporate citizen. In our experience, customers are actively seeking out environmentally conscious and sustainable businesses to support.
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Flexible Finance Options Available

The up-front cost of adding a solar power system may be difficult for businesses to incorporate into the budget, particularly small businesses. For this reason, we have partnered with specialist finance companies that understand how solar returns work over time.

In some cases, financing is a wise option that can ensure the business receives little or no impact to cash flow whilst paying for the solar power system. This option can support businesses throughout repayments and into a phase of returns. We're more than happy to discuss these options with you further.

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