How to save with solar

Having solar panels installed in your home can significantly help with your energy savings. If your home gets lots of sun throughout the year, installing solar panels is a wise investment that will help reduce your power bills. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your solar.

1. Select a trusted solar installer

 A solar power system is an important investment. To maximise the benefits of solar, it is essential for the solar power system to be designed correctly and installed by qualified and trusted solar installers.

Drawing on more than 100 years of electrical work, and on Solahart's almost 70 years of solar experience, Orange Electrical Works offers trusted solar installation, advice, maintenance and servicing. Our reputation is built on a foundation of providing the best possible service to locals, and our solar installations are no exception!

We are more than happy to talk you through our processes and products in detail, and we pride ourselves on our after-sales service. We've been here since 1921 and we'll continue to be here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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2. Select quality solar panels

Not all solar panels are created equal!

With over half a million solar panels installed on Australian rooftops, Solahart Solar Power is the smart choice for quality, reliability and durability. Before launching any new solar technology, Solahart conducts rigorous testing to ensure maximum energy yields, strength and longevity, plus minimal energy losses.

Solahart continues its testing on an ongoing basis to ensure standards remain high. This includes checking solar panel flash test results on all panels, and systematically checking samples of solar panels received using Electroluminescence (EL) imaging, to ensure they deliver all the power you purchase.

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3. Greater performance for greater savings

Selecting the best solar panels for your location, roof size and energy needs is important.

In Orange and The Central Tablelands, our harsh winters require solar panels that were made to endure our seasons. Solahart’s innovative all-weather technology includes excellent low-light and temperature behaviour, resulting in more energy production per square metre. That means optimal yields, whatever the weather, which leads to greater savings and better efficiency.
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4. Interest-Free Finance Options

Solahart has teamed up with Zip, Australia’s leading technology payments company, to offer customers the opportunity to switch to solar on a flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan.

Zip is a safe, simple and convenient way to pay for your purchase over time. It provides the flexibility to buy now and pay for it later with an interest-free payment plan.

The Zip process is entirely paperless and designed around simplicity. Once signed up, you receive a digital account (also known as a line of credit) for a set amount that allows you to make purchases and enjoy interest-free terms.

- You only need to sign up once and can re-use the account as often as you like
- Complete your application and get a decision in minutes
- Zip pays Solahart on your behalf
- You pay Zip over time in easy monthly payments
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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Savings

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How much will I save by switching to solar?

Each of our customers have different lifestyles and energy needs, meaning every scenario is different. To accurately estimate the potential savings you can make by switching to solar, we conduct FREE solar assessments.

Our comprehensive assessment is conducted by one of our qualified solar experts. We'll visit your home, business or site and assess the following:
- your location
- your roof size
- the orientation of your roof
- potential shading from trees or nearby buildings
- your family size
- your energy usage patterns

Typically, we'll inspect the roof closely, checking screw patterns to assess how many panels can be installed. We'll also inspect your power meter to determine whether it is compatible with a new solar power system.

Once the assessment is complete, we'll estimate your savings based on your circumstances. Contact us today to arrange a good time for your free inspection.

Can a solar battery help save money?

Yes, a solar battery can help save money by storing excess solar power during the day, which can then be used during the evening, instead of buying electricity from the grid.

Our team can assist with calculating the potential savings a battery can produce.

How will I know my solar power system is saving me money?

Firstly, you'll notice the impact of solar on your power bills.

Secondly, many of our solar customers opt for comprehensive monitoring which we can setup. The monitoring tools allow you to monitor the performance of your solar power system in real-time via your smartphone. 

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