Solar Batteries for Orange & the NSW Central Tablelands

Orange Electrical is the local Solahart dealer for Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow and Central Tablelands

Add a battery to your solar power system

A battery is a smart way to maximise your solar energy and minimise reliance on energy from the grid.

Adding a battery to your home or business allows you to store unused energy from your solar panels for use at other times, such as at night time, during blackouts, on low-sunlight days or when utility rates from the grid are more expensive.

We are seeing rapid growth in solar battery installation locally as many locals look to minimise their emissions and carbon footprint whilst also lowering their power bills. Our range of solar batteries cater to a variety of needs. A battery can be installed with a new solar power system or added to an existing solar system.

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Tesla Powerwall

Orange Electrical Works is a Certified Installer of the Tesla Powerwall.

The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most flexible energy storage solutions available.

The Powerwall can be paired with a solar power system to store unused solar power for use when the sun isn't shining. 

It also acts as a backup in case of power outages. The Powerwall can act as your power source if the electricity goes down with a black out.
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Tesla Powerwall available from Orange Electrical Works
GoodWe Lynx Home Battery available from Solahart and Orange Electrical Works

GoodWe Lynx Home Battery

The GoodWe Lynx Home Battery is designed for superior performance, flexibility and safety in mind. 

It can be installed together with a new Solahart solar power system or retro-fitted to an existing solar power system if you've already made the switch to solar.

The GoodWe battery is a scalable solution by design allowing you to choose the most appropriate sized battery system for your home. You can also expand your storage capacity as your needs change.

The GoodWe battery also serves as a backup in the event of a blackout.

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SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery

Our newest solar battery is from SolarEdge.

The new SolarEdge Energy Bank battery can be installed with a new solar power system as a totally integrated solar energy package from Orange Electrical Works.

The SolarEdge Energy Bank battery can also be retro-fitted to your existing solar power system if your home already have a solar power system installed.
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The SolarEdge Home Battery is available from Orange Electrical Works and can be added to an existing compatible solar system or added to a new solar power system

Interest Free Finance for Solar Batteries

Orange Electrical Works partners with Zip Money to provide interest free finance options on solar batteries such as Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge Energy Bank and the GoodWe Lynx home battery.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Solar Batteries

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What is a solar battery?

Our solar batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide energy storage allowing greater self-consumption of solar energy, load shifting, and backup power. 

Essentially the solar battery charges itself during the day time using unused solar energy generated by your solar panels or alternatively, using electricity from the grid when rates are low. 

The stored electricity can then be used to power your home or business when the sun is not shining, e.g. at night or when electricity rates are higher. 

Can I add a solar battery to an existing system?

Yes, 100%. We can install solar batteries to suit existing solar power systems.

We have a battery to suit each system type. We will go to your home or business, assess the viability and suitability of the product, and go from there.

Can a solar battery be installed outside in the Orange climate, or does it need to be indoors?

Yes, your solar battery can be outside. Even in the Orange and Central Tablelands climate.

We only sell solar products that we can rely on to work well in our local climate. 

Will a solar battery work on a very cold day?

Yes, it will. A solar battery will operate well year round, even on a cold winters day.

Can I monitor the performance of my battery?

Yes definitely. Solar PV and batteries are easy to monitor.

Our optional monitoring system allows you to log in and see your system activity. Tesla (battery monitoring) has its own App that links to the Solahart App (solar PV monitoring). In the rare event of a problem, we are notified and we will let you know.

Will a battery work in a blackout?

Yes, your battery will still work in a blackout. You’ll have designated circuits that will be configured to run in the event of a blackout. These can include Wifi, fridge, lights and television etc., just not your air con and heating.

If you have the right inverter, your solar PV will work to keep things going in a blackout to run through your battery, as well.

Can I cover my energy use in full with solar power and a battery?

Yes, this is possible but it entirely depends on your energy use and how much you want to spend. 

If you run a lot of appliances, a pool and heating etc., then yes, as long as your roof is big enough to hold all the required panels, your energy use can be covered in full.

We'll assess this thoroughly by conducting a free on-site assessment.

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