A team of trained, experienced and enthusiastic tradesmen, a modern fleet of vehicles and locally situated in the Central West


On 7th February 1921 the Orange Leader announced a new business in Orange. Orange Electrical Works commenced business with owners Oliver Bolam Green and Michael Sanfier. The work carried out was Magneto Repairs, electroplating and lighting plants (generators) for houses.

Electric power did not arrive in town until 1923, in the mean time the business was preparing for this to happen including a large display of electrical appliances at the 1923 Orange show. Once power was reticulated around the Town, Green and Sanfier were busy wiring CBD businesses and homes with light and power. Wiring in homes usually meant a light in most rooms and one power point in the kitchen.

By 1925 Orange Electrical Works had established a branch in Bathurst and in the same year, Michael Sanfier left the business. (He may have run this Bathurst business as his own)

O B Green continued to run the Orange business including appliance repairs and auto electrical repairs. Some time later the business carried out refrigeration and air conditioning work as well.

When WW2 broke out in 1939 the staff numbers reduced as did the amount of work. The business continued through this period and afterwards grew larger again.

In 1955 the business was formed into a Company with a number of Directors and O B Green as Managing Director holding a majority of shares and a power of veto over the other Directors. About this time the company moved to premises at the corner of Summer and Sale streets.

Oliver Bolam Green died in 1962, the roll of Managing Director passed to his son, John Green. Other Directors were Magnus Plowman, Frank Bouffler and George Stone.

The company continued on with electrical contracting, electrical in home repairs, refrigeration, air conditioning, automotive electrical, radio and television repairs and a retail shop selling a wide variety of electrical appliances. The company at one stage had thirty five employees.
The retail shop closed in 1971 following the arrival of the Norman Ross store.

During John Green’s directorship, the company undertook a large number of more technical work. John was well respected in the industry and sought after by many to solve their difficult technical problems. This work included repairs to lifts, large air conditioning systems and controls, orchard cool stores (many were ammonia plants),X-ray units, power generation units and more. Some of this work took personel to other parts of the state to carry out the job.

In 1981 the building at Summer & Sale streets was sold and the business moved to the present site at Barrett Court in May of that year. Before moving, the automotive and radio/tv repairs were discontinued. The small appliance repairs continued for some time until the cost of repairs became uneconomical and this also was then discontinued.

John Green retired in 1995 and sold the business to David and Nerralie Boulton. David had commenced with the company as an apprentice in 1971. John continued to be interested in what the company was doing up to his death in 2016.

Today, Orange Electrical Works Pty Ltd continues to follow business opportunities and adapt to changes in the market. The electrical contracting work varies from a few large contracts to every day commercial and domestic work, the air conditioning work is a major part of the business as is the Solar installation work. The company now has the agency for Solahart, providing solar solutions for photovoltaic power generation as well as solar hot water installations.

Our staff of seventeen technicians and admin people together with fourteen vehicles provide a professional service for our customers. There is now one salesman to visit clients and provide quotations for solar, air conditioning and electrical work.